Pantry Pests

Confused Flour Beetle

This beetle is about 1/8" in length, with the coloration shown above. This pest is common in homes in flour, dried fruit, open spices, snuff, chocolate, and nuts. 

Dog food and bird seed can be a very common way to inadvertently bring them in to your home, also.

If you find an infestation of this pest in your home, give us a call. You also will have to discard all infested food. You should also remove all of the food from your cabinets and vacuum them thoroughly.

Small brown beetles found throughout many of your cabinets in the kitchen (especially those with grain products stored in them) will usually become evident when flour beetles are present.

Indian Meal Moth

The Indian Meal Moth is small, with a wingspan of about 3/4 of an inch. The wings have somewhat of a copper color to them with a gray patch where they connect to the body. At the tip of the forewings it is spotted dark brown/tan color. 

Females can lay up to 400 eggs in as short as a couple of weeks. The larvae development can range from a couple of weeks to 8 or nine months, making it difficult to even know that the pest is present until overpopulation occurs and they seem to be everywhere! 

These pests commonly feed on flour, meal, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and bird seed or dog food. 

To clean out infestations, all food listed above that has been contaminated or exposed to these pests should be thrown out. Any of your stored food listed above should be placed in sealed plastic containers or placed in the refrigerator. 

Rice\Grain Weevil

Weevils are black to dark brown in color and about 1/4" long. Their distinguishing feature can be seen above- the elongated snout.

Females can lay 150-200 eggs that hatch in a couple of days. The weevils then will remain at the larvae stage for 3-4 weeks after which time they emerge from a whole kernel of grain about one week later as adults. Weevils feed exclusively on whole kernel grain products.

To remove a grain or rice weevil infestation, all whole kernel grains such as popcorn and whole kernels of corn should be thrown out. After you have removed the original source of your problem, contact us!

Carpet Beetle

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Varied Carpet Beetle

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Larder Beetle

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