Download bed bugs in Omaha treatment instructions, flea treatment instructions in Omaha, and German Roach treatment instructions in Omaha.

Treatment Instructions

Bed Bugs

Husker Pest & Termite Management 


Required Preparations for Treatment by Occupants 


Note: Husker Pest & Termite will not treat your home if required preparations listed below are not completed. 


1) Clothing and Bedding- All clothing should be laundered in the hottest water possible. When drying, the hottest setting should be used ON THE LONGEST DRYING CYCLE. 

2) Cleaning and Vacuuming- Furniture and carpets need to be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly. If you have a vacuum cleaner that has a bag, please discard of the bag outside of the home immediately after completion of cleaning. If your vacuum cleaner is bagless, please empty the canister and remove the trash that the canister was emptied in immediately after cleaning. Please be sure to vacuum around seems on furniture (couches, chairs, mattresses, box springs) when cleaning. 

3) Mattress and Box Spring- If you choose to discard infected mattresses, box springs, or any other furniture, please wrap that furniture in a heavy mill plastic wrap before the furniture is moved from its current location. Please cut furniture such as couches or beds before wrapping and discarding. This should help to prevent  someone else to pick take the furniture into their home. 

4) Electronics- Personal Items such as tvs, stereos, and other electronics should be covered before Husker Pest & Termite enters for treatment. Husker Pest & Termite IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to any personal items related to treatment. This could include pictures, stored items under beds, etc. Please be sure to have any items you do not want damaged placed in trash bags or totes. In regards to electronics, it is okay to cover those with a sheet or tarp on the day of treatment. 

5) Please ensure that ALL CLOTHING AND PERSONAL ITEMS are removed from dresser drawers, night stands, and closets. It is not necessary to remove shoes from closets, however. 

6) No items will need to be removed from kitchen cabinets. 

7) Please place all bagged items such as clothing after laundering, pictures, and other personal items in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. 

8) All clothing and bagged items MUST REMAIN IN BAGS FOR A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS…..or at least through the second treatment. 

9) Getting rid of bed bugs is a process. In many instances, you will still notice bed bug activity between the first and second treatment. Husker Pest will return a minimum of four treatments……even though elimination of a bed bug infestation almost always takes place by the second treatment. The first three treatments are performed with a space of roughly two weeks in between treatments. The last treatment or final inspections is done one month or so from the third treatment. In many instances, it will be your responsibility to ensure that you call to schedule.  

10) During at least the first two treatments, you will be required to vacate your home for a minimum of 2-3 hours during and directly after treatment.  

11) If you have pets, please make arrangements for them to be removed during and directly after treatment also.  

12) If you are unable to vacate and/or remove your pets from your home on the day of treatment or you have not completed the required preparations listed above, Husker Pest & Termite will NOT treat your home. 

13) If you have a scheduled appointment and do not notify your property manager that you are not ready for treatment on or before the scheduled day of service, you may be assessed a $35 trip charge! Please let your community manager know if you are not ready! 



The success of treatment depends largely upon the preparations that YOU DO. Please ensure that you follow the above instructions so that we can eliminate you problem quickly! 




Flea Treatment Instructions 

1) Make sure your pet has been treated for fleas. Please use Frontline or an equivalent to treat your pet. Make sure that the active chemical in the product you use to treat your pet has the active chemical ‘fipronil’. 

2) Make sure all personal items (ie: toys, clothes, shoes, and etc.) are picked up off of the floor. It is not necessary to remove furniture. You may leave all furniture where it is at in your home. 

3) Please be prepared to leave for 1-2 hours when the technician arrives to do your treatment. This will include the need  to make arrangements for your pets to be out of the home during and 1-2 hours after treatment. 

4) Please thoroughly was and clean all areas frequented by your pet, such as pet beds and blankets. 

5) Vacuum your carpets every 2-3 for the first two weeks. If you have a have a bagless vacuum cleaner, it is a good idea to get a cheap flea collar and put it in the canister when vacuuming. Dump the canister immediately after vacuuming and save the flea collar for future use. 

6) Flea activity may still be present for up to two weeks after treatment. If you still notice activity after that, please call to schedule another treatment   

German Roaches

German Roach Instructions 

1) If you have a large amount of personal items on top of your refrigerator, please remove them and place them on a table or other area away from the kitchen counter tops. 

2) Please pick up kitchens and bathrooms and make sure they are free of clutter, such as clothing on the floors, un-swept floors, and dishes dirty in the sink or on the counters. 

3) Please DO NOT treat for German Roaches on your own by using over-thecounter insecticides such as Raid. These sprays could be counter-productive to the treated we perform for you. 

4) Please thoroughly wash and clean all areas in which roaches were found to be present such as underneath refrigerators, underneath sinks, in cabinets, in drawers, around furniture, and around closet doors and other storage areas. 

5) Vacuum or remove ALL dead roaches found in and around the areas listed above….or any other areas you may find dead ones in and around your home.  

6) German Roach activity may still be present after your treatment. Husker Pest & Termite will do follow-ups approximately two weeks after the first treatment until the German Roach infestation is completely eliminated. 

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